Introduction : TMSM Courses & Refreshers

TMSM – “Tell Me and Show Me”

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We’ve all been in courses and refreshers that we’ve covered 100’s of times before. We can recite the whole textbook and could teach the course ourselves. But we know we need to keep our professional development up to date to meet company standards and gain those valuable CPD points.


You’re a business owner worried about keeping staff trained but have limited time and resources to keep everyone topped up on their knowledge whilst also fearing excessive training fees.

Taking part in a TMSM course could be the different way forward for your refresher training in the future.
Courses are focused to test our knowledge before the class begins, and then prioritize the learning around areas we aren’t as confident in without forcing you to re-read/listen to the basics over and over again.

All learners wishing to attend a TMSM course must have the relevant Level certificate/award that has been received in the last 5 years or the TMSM certificate awarded in the last 3 years of the date of the learning. (E.G to attend a Level 2 TMSM food safety course, the learner must have passed a previous ‘Level 2 in food safety‘ course in the last 5 years, or attended a ‘TMSM- Level 2 in food safety‘ in the last 3 years)

All courses include all relevant updates from industry guidance and Legislation/Law changes from the past 10 years .

Current TMSM Courses Available (Pricing Per Person):
Food Safety – Level 2 (£35.00pp). 3 Hours Classroom Learning
Food Safety – Level 3 (£55.00pp). 5 Hours Classroom Learning
HACCP Management – Level 2 (£50.00pp) . 5 Hours Classroom Learning
Fire Safety – Level 2 (£30.00pp) . 4 Hours Classroom Learning
COSHH – Level 2 (£25.00pp). 2 Hours Classroom Learning