Assessment & Accreditation Process

The NCOH is one of the smallest independent awarding bodies of hospitality courses throughout the UK but has ensured to go above and beyond what is expected by the regulators whilst at the same time offering learners the opportunity to thrive and excel.

Written examinations:

The NCOH is proud to be one of the few awarding & assessment bodies offering written end point assessments for learners.
Where the NCOH goes further is in the option for extra credit which is awarded to learners who show excelled knowledge on a particular subject & area.

We also include ‘Extra Credit Papers’ in all our written examinations where the Learner can showcase further knowledge on one subject area to increase their chances of a pass with Merit or Distinction.

Practical Assessments

Practical Assessments are designed to offer learners the best chance to express themselves as an individual without the strict reliance on learners ability to remember specific terminology or academic knowledge.

An example of this would be a learner demonstrating their ability to cook food exactly as expected but not necessarily remembering ‘french’ terminology.
This may be the learner stating “I cooked the sauce using plain flour & butter, heating the milk in a pan with nutmeg, cloves and onion. And then adding the milk slowly into the flour & butter mix”.

Most in the industry will be aware what is described above is a béchamel sauce which uses a roux base.

What the NCOH believes is that every individual should be given the best chance to succeed regardless of their academic background or previous experience.

All practical assessments will be explained & planned with the learner so they fully understand their objectives and what they want to achieve.