White Bread Recipe (4 loafs or 32 rolls)

Ingredients:– 1 kg strong white flour ( Bread Flour)– 30g Yeast– 20g sugar– 575g warm water (35-40’C)– 100g Oil– 20g Salt 1. Activate yeast, sugar, water, oil together in a jug until foam forms at top (this will come through the oil)2. Mix flour and salt together (+ any flavourings you wish, try rosemary &Continue reading “White Bread Recipe (4 loafs or 32 rolls)”

Shortbread Biscuits

Ingredients:– 250g Butter (salted/ or unsalted) or soft spread– 250g caster sugar– 550g Plain Flour– 1 Tbsp vanilla essence– 2 Pinch salt– 1 egg Method:1. place butter & sugar into kitchen-aid and beat using paddle on max speed for 5 minutes ( or by hand)This should be light and fluffy once completed.2. whisk in wholeContinue reading “Shortbread Biscuits”

Chocolate Brownie – 1 Gastro (32 portions approximately)

Ingredients:– 370g butter– 370g Dark Chocolate– 170g plain flour– 80g cocoa powder– 6 eggs– 275g Caster Sugar– 2 large pinches of salt– 1 tablespoon of vanilla– 200g mixture chocolate pieces Method: place butter & dark chocolate in a bowl over a hot bain marie and let the chocolate and butter melt and mix together, ensureContinue reading “Chocolate Brownie – 1 Gastro (32 portions approximately)”

A Lesson A Day : The 5 Flavours (27/11/2021)

Cooking food and creating culinary delights can be a very insightful journey for every chef and cook regardless of your sector. Whether you’re at home or in a commercial kitchen, you’ll spend hours working and developing your dishes to taste perfect and be pleasant on your palate. Probably the most important thing in making foodContinue reading “A Lesson A Day : The 5 Flavours (27/11/2021)”

One Lesson A Day: Know your Law (19/11/2021)

Hospitality has always been a common place where workers rights and employment law either isn’t properly known about or is not taken seriously. Many passionate employees either work off workplace gossip or rumours that might have no real backing. At the NCOH we believe in educating all hospitality workers so they know their rights inContinue reading “One Lesson A Day: Know your Law (19/11/2021)”