NCOH Lessons – Food Safety – Outbreaks & Controls Session – December 2021

The following is a 1 hour extract from a live food safety session covering outbreaks & controls and how to realistically. The 3 day private event was attended by small chain restaurants and small businesses looking to build their understanding and knowledge on how to effectively implement food safety into the working environment.

A Lesson A Day : The 5 Flavours (27/11/2021)

Cooking food and creating culinary delights can be a very insightful journey for every chef and cook regardless of your sector. Whether you’re at home or in a commercial kitchen, you’ll spend hours working and developing your dishes to taste perfect and be pleasant on your palate. Probably the most important thing in making foodContinue reading “A Lesson A Day : The 5 Flavours (27/11/2021)”

One Lesson A Day: Roux (23/11/2021)

Most chefs & culinary professionals will be familiar with a ‘roux’ and the concept of what it is used for, and will on a regular occasion make a roux to make or thicken sauces. A roux is a combination of fat & flour that is heated in a pan and cooked before adding a formContinue reading “One Lesson A Day: Roux (23/11/2021)”

One Lesson A Day: Know your Law (19/11/2021)

Hospitality has always been a common place where workers rights and employment law either isn’t properly known about or is not taken seriously. Many passionate employees either work off workplace gossip or rumours that might have no real backing. At the NCOH we believe in educating all hospitality workers so they know their rights inContinue reading “One Lesson A Day: Know your Law (19/11/2021)”

One Lesson a day: Breads (18/11/2021)

Our first of ‘One Lesson A Day’ In what will be a long running series of articles, One lesson a day will focus on providing a feed of information every day to keep everyone topped up and knowledgeable in all things hospitality. From food & wine, to theory & safety. Today we’re talking bread andContinue reading “One Lesson a day: Breads (18/11/2021)”

Introduction : TMSM Courses & Refreshers

TMSM – “Tell Me and Show Me” We’ve all been in courses and refreshers that we’ve covered 100’s of times before. We can recite the whole textbook and could teach the course ourselves. But we know we need to keep our professional development up to date to meet company standards and gain those valuable CPDContinue reading “Introduction : TMSM Courses & Refreshers”

Level 3 Food Safety Booking

Date & Time:10th & 11th January 2022, 8:45am – 5:00pm (GMT) both days Description: The Supervising food safety (level 3) award is designed to train persons acting in a supervisory role.This course will look at a lot of what is covered in the Level 2 course but from a supervisory position. We will cover howContinue reading “Level 3 Food Safety Booking”