England – Food Hygiene Rating System : Totals November 2022

In england there are 423,133 registered food businesses with a rating (Not including exempt & awaiting inspection) Of these; Rating of 5; 319,978 (75.62%) Rating of 4; 63,733 (15.06%) Rating of 3; 26,941 (6.36%) Rating of 2; 6,032 (1.42%) Rating of 1; 5,688 (1.34%) Rating of 0; 761 (0.17%)

White Bread Recipe (4 loafs or 32 rolls)

Ingredients:– 1 kg strong white flour ( Bread Flour)– 30g Yeast– 20g sugar– 575g warm water (35-40’C)– 100g Oil– 20g Salt 1. Activate yeast, sugar, water, oil together in a jug until foam forms at top (this will come through the oil)2. Mix flour and salt together (+ any flavourings you wish, try rosemary &Continue reading “White Bread Recipe (4 loafs or 32 rolls)”

Shortbread Biscuits

Ingredients:– 250g Butter (salted/ or unsalted) or soft spread– 250g caster sugar– 550g Plain Flour– 1 Tbsp vanilla essence– 2 Pinch salt– 1 egg Method:1. place butter & sugar into kitchen-aid and beat using paddle on max speed for 5 minutes ( or by hand)This should be light and fluffy once completed.2. whisk in wholeContinue reading “Shortbread Biscuits”

Chocolate Brownie – 1 Gastro (32 portions approximately)

Ingredients:– 370g butter– 370g Dark Chocolate– 170g plain flour– 80g cocoa powder– 6 eggs– 275g Caster Sugar– 2 large pinches of salt– 1 tablespoon of vanilla– 200g mixture chocolate pieces Method: place butter & dark chocolate in a bowl over a hot bain marie and let the chocolate and butter melt and mix together, ensureContinue reading “Chocolate Brownie – 1 Gastro (32 portions approximately)”

A Lesson A Day : The 5 Flavours (27/11/2021)

Cooking food and creating culinary delights can be a very insightful journey for every chef and cook regardless of your sector. Whether you’re at home or in a commercial kitchen, you’ll spend hours working and developing your dishes to taste perfect and be pleasant on your palate. Probably the most important thing in making foodContinue reading “A Lesson A Day : The 5 Flavours (27/11/2021)”