2,000 x NCOH Food Labels (50/50 Allergen labels)


NCOH 50/50 Allergen Food labels x 2,000
£32.00 + p&p
Deliveries within 14 days of order (UK)


NCOH Food labels (50/50 Allergen Labels x 2,000)
Label your food items with ease with the NCOH 50/50 Allergen labels.
These labels don’t only give you the option to declare any ingredients,  but also allow you to input additional information such as:
– Frozen Date
– Defrosted Date
– Deboxed Date
– Batch number
– Use By Date
This allows you to completely manage and document a foods shelf life helping build a more thorough Food Safety Management System
Deliveries within 14 days of order (UK)


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