Level 2 Award – Food Safety in Hospitality Assessment


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The NCOH Level 2 Assessment for Food Safety in Hospitality.

The final Assessment is a learners opportunity to complete their learning and demonstrate their knowledge through the virtual 1  to 1 assessment.

The Assessment process can be completed both virtually (Through Zoom) and also in person at Nottingham, Postcode NG16 (Parking Available). Please choose your Assessment Method when booking.

Unlike most online learning, we at the NCOH believe that learners should have the option to complete their Assessment at the time that suits them.
Please note any learner who has not completed a portfolio will only receive basic certification (Learners who have completed their portfolio will receive the Full Award in Food Safety In Hospitality along with their total CPD hours contributed)

Virtual Assessment Requirements: (Total required attendance time – 1 hour 20 minutes)
– Able to connect to Zoom meetings
– Have a Functioning Webcam & Microphone to complete the Assessment. And able to position yourself in view of webcam & Desk
– Have Photo ID  for registration purposes(Driving License, Passport)
– Confident/Good levels in English Reading, Speaking & Writing
– Understand the Assessment will be recorded for marking purposes
– Ensure the room you are present in for the assessment will be undisturbed for the whole duration of your assessment with only yourself present. (Exemptions do apply, please contact us if you require assistance during your assessment)
– Agree that disturbances from mobile devices

In Person Paper Assessment Requirements: (Total required attendance time – 1 hour 15 minutes)
– Have Photo ID for registration purposes (Driving License, Passport)
– Confident/Good levels in English Reading, Speaking & Writing. (Paper & Pens will be provided)
– Wearing of face Masks/ visors required unless exempt (During Covid)
– Ensure you will not be disturbed by mobile devices
– Assessments are completed by a single person unless assistance is required (contact us if you require assistance to complete the Assessment)


On the processing of your Assessment license, you will be contacted by email/phone on selected dates for your assessment.

Assessment Licenses are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Licenses can be transferred over to other learners, but each license will only admit 1 learner for the stated level & subject.

Licenses are not permitted to be sold on.
Refunded licenses where the learner no longer wishes to complete the assessment will be refunded at 50% of the original purchase price.




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